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St. Louis Learning Disabilities Association, Inc. (St. Louis LDA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the understanding and acceptance of learning disabilities.  Targeted solutions are developed for children, parents, and professionals in order to help students maximize their potential in the classroom and in life. Children need hope, understanding and compassion to learn and reach their full potential. St. Louis Learning Disabilities Association helps children by giving them the education and support necessary to be successful.

Check out what  families, clients, and students say about St. Louis LDA

“I wanted you to know that I attended my child’s Parent teacher conferences today, and two of his teachers celebrated your excellent instructions in assisting him. The comments were remarkable concerning tutoring’s role in his academic achievements. They highlighted the overwhelming growth in the last 15 months. Truly answered prayers. I believe in acknowledging the beauty and giving thanks to the well-deserved. You’re simply magnificent. Thank you for everything.”

"My son was struggling in high school. An LDA consultant went with me to meetings with his school and was able to get him the services he needed to be successful, whether it was extra time on tests or rewording of material. Getting my son what he needed was first and foremost on my consultant’s mind, and it was obvious not only to those of us in the room during the meetings, but also with my son. He still talks about her!"

"I am a former student of LDA. From about 2012 to 2015, the LDA tested and tutored me during high school and for the ACT. 
As an adult, I am graduating with my master's degree.  I wanted to attest to the outstanding education and help I received from your wonderful organization throughout high school. The skills I learned from the LDA have continued to serve me in academic settings and the professional environment. I am incredibly grateful for organizations like yours that champion those who learn a bit differently!"

"St. Louis LDA has been an invaluable resource for our Early Childhood Centers.  From staff training to developmental screening, all their staff members have been incredibly knowledgeable and flexible to help our centers meeting the needs of our teachers, families, and children."

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