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Help St. Louis LDA celebrate 30 years of helping students
LEARN, DEVELOP, and ACHIEVE by buying a raffle ticket today

LDA Raffle Ticket.png

Raffle  Winner will be drawn at Unlock the Magic of Learning October 7th
Families who help with sales can win free tutoring sessions or discounted testing rates 
and a $100 Target Gift Card


Yadi played for the Cardinals for 19 years, which seems like a long career, but St. Louis LDA has him beat with 30 years of providing resources and services in the St. Louis area.

Additional Information: A minimum of 60 tickets must be sold to hold the raffle. If that is not met, buyers will be contacted about next step.

Any free tutoring sessions will be applied to the October 15, 2023 invoice. Applicable for 50 minute tutoring sessions. In the event of a tie, both incentives will be honored for both winners.

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