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ACT/SAT &  Study Skills

St. Louis LDA uses one-on-one educational coaching in study skills and ACT/SAT preparation. These programs are designed to provide strategies for how to be successful in school and on these standardized tests. Our study skills curriculum is a great opportunity for students who struggle with executive functioning and need strategies to manage their education.


Our ACT/SAT preparation program is designed to explicitly teach students the structure of the tests, time management while taking the test, tools to take the test, and a review of subject area strategies.

Topics include:

-Design and structure of the actual test

-How to manage time when taking the test

-Phrasing possible questions and possible answers

-General review of high school content

-Tools to help maneuver through and take the test

-Reading comprehension strategies

-Math strategies

When and Where Do ACT/SAT Sessions Take Place?


Students attend sessions twice a week with a certified special educator. Students will also have the opportunity to take several practice tests and practice skills that are assessed in both the ACT and SAT.

The length of the individualized preparation course will be determined by the needs of the student.

The Real ACT Prep Guide and the Official Study Guide, 2nd Edition, will be utilized in the sessions.

Students are required to purchase their own copies of the study guides.

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