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Testimonials and Success Stories

Online Class

“My son’s first year of tutoring was during a notoriously challenging 4th grade year at our school. His wonderful tutor helped him maintain his stamina, keep his head held high and finish out the school year strong. Due to the academic rigor, there were certain areas they simply did not have time to address during the regular school year. Summer tutoring allowed him to take a breath, be more relaxed, choose a book of interest and work on reading comprehension, speed, and overall fluency, in addition to basic math facts. He was refreshed and prepared to start 5th grade. It was so helpful to keep up with the skills over the summer.”

Children at School

"St. Louis Learning Disabilities Association changed our lives. Our daughter began to struggle in school very early. The LDA completed an assessment, and they identified two significant learning disabilities. And then, most importantly, they offered us hope. They have worked with her to teach her strategies to utilize her strengths to overcome her challenges. We have benefited from their tutoring services, and we have gained so much insight through their parent coaching programs. We’ve also learned that we’re not alone in our challenges! They’ve helped us realize there’s nothing “wrong” with our child – but so much that is unique about her! Have a child with learning disabilities is a journey down a different road. With their help, we’re developing a road map, and we’re able to appreciate the view."

Learning Pod

"St. Louis LDA has changed the life of many of my students’ lives. One in particular was in 8th grade at the time she was connected with LDA. She had switched schools three times and was failing her classes. Once LDA got involved, they evaluated her and found where her strengths were along with areas which needed to be developed. She started working with one of LDA’s specialists who worked with not only her but also her parents to help them understand what their child was experiencing. Within a year, she began to show significant progress. Through high school, due to the strategies the student learned and implemented and the dedication of her parents providing support twice a week, her grades improved dramatically. She graduated with A’s, currently is a sophomore in college, and is on the Dean’s List. She and her parents constantly say their lives were positively impacted – all due to LDA."

"I have referred many parents to LDA so that they can access the variety of services LDA provides. All parents rave about the services provided by LDA and are thrilled that they have found people who truly understand how their child learns and how it impacts the entire family."

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