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Year End Appeal
Give  the    Gift of Hope

Year End Appeal 2024

Thousands of children in our community are struggling to learn each day, and they are floundering because they do not have the help they need to be successful.

Contributing to St. Louis LDA allows us to provide services to children who struggle to reach their full potential. We continue to have families turning to us in record numbers to find help for their children.


Support from donors like you helps us make a difference in the lives of many. We thank you for your unwavering support of our mission.

Donate today!

Remember that by using an employer's matching gift benefit, donors increase their impact on our life changing mission. Be sure to check with your company's HR department to see if they are a matching gift donor.

Antony, a 3rd grader, had significant literacy issues. Through personalized tutoring at St. Louis LDA, he picked up new skills tailored for his strengths, and now Antony loves to read — just for the fun of it!

As a very young girl, Janae struggled to learn in many areas because her hyperactivity and disorganization made it so difficult to focus. Her learning specialist taught her how to calm herself, stay organized, and concentrate on learning.   Now Janae is doing well and is on a path to success.

"Tutoring helps me grow in my abilities and is fun.  I am thankful that my tutor is helping me read and write."

"My child has improved with constant work with his tutor, resulting in better reading skills and confidence."

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